About Us

DSN Pharma Sdn. Bhd. is a wholesale pharmacy which bring innovative approach in serving GP clinics, dental clinics, retail pharmacy and veterinary clinics. DSN Pharma Sdn. Bhd was established on 9th march 2020 by a registered pharmacist,  who sees potential in the market place and propel further by integrating technology into the healthcare system. We aspire to be the trusted healthcare supplier in all hospital, clinics and retail pharmacy.


Corporate Mission


We at DSN Pharma understands that in order to be successful, cooperation amongst partners and team members are paramount. Everybody has to be responsible personally and professionally so that we deliver what we promise.


Corporate Values


Exemplary service, unwavering quality and integrity in thought, word and deed.

Our core values of “Service, Quality and Integrity” form the bedrock of all that we do and how we go about in our business. In all our dealings with our customers, suppliers, healthcare professionals and all whom we come across, we ensure that these core values are upheld at all time


Corporate Integrity


We ensure all our pharmaceutical products are registered with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency and Medical Device Authority or medical devices. We emphasize on the right usage of right medication in every particular field. It is our utmost priority to adhere the standards of good storage practice (GSP), good trade and distribution practice (GTDP) and good pharmacy practice (GPP)

DSN Pharma Sdn. Bhd. is a wholesale pharmacy which bring innovative  approach in serving GP clinics, dental clinics, retail pharmacy and veterinary clinics.



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